Fenix Classique is a completely different racing concept! No wing, no Frills!  Enjoy a more gentleman driving stile!

The included body is supplied clear - Tires not included - Electronics not included - Pictured item is equipped with the optional Classique Velocity stacks

Model need to be assembled and painted.

Need a super shorty lipo battery and low profile servo

Body Style - 1966 Lotus 49 body

In 1966 the rules call for a 3litre engine. So the most brilliant F1 designer ever, Colin Chapman, and engine supremo Keith Duckworth came together to produce the now legendary Lotus 49, powered by the Ford DFV -- which would become the most successful engine in Formula One history. This motor literally “build” the F1 as we know it.

Driven by nonetheless that Graham Hill and Jim Clark, the car went from concept to racetrack in just months and, amazingly, was victorious on four occasions during the 1967 Grand Prix season, including its debut in the Dutch GP, where Hill score the Pole position and Clark the fastest lap and a fine victory.

Now, 52 years after that historic moment Fenix Racing has the pleasure to introduce the 1/10 Classic Team Lotus 49.

Following the path created by our very own Fenix Classique, at the end of 2018 Fenix Racing got the pleasure to sign a deal together the Classic Team Lotus, run by Colin Chapman’s son, Clive Chapman, in order to reproduce the most beautiful F1 ever made.

Fenix Racing have had access to the original drawing and every single line of the model has been drawn under Classic Team Lotus approval.

The highly distinctive sleek and smooth line has been recreated into a challenging lexan mold build using both 3D cad technologies and manual craftsmanship, giving a raceworthy reproduction of the Classic Team Lotus 49.

Fenix Classique Team Lotus 49 - Gear Differential

  • $390.50