• Willspeed AE B6.3 TakeOne D Arm Mount - Clear

Optional hop-up part for Team Associated B6.3 designed especially for carpet and turf racing

Simply a must have for all Team Associated carpet racers, The Take One D Hanger does exactly as it says on the tin. Removing 1 degree of inboard toe, allowing you to now achieve 0.5 and even 0 degrees inboard toe.

Removing toe allows the rear axle to act more efficiently, reducing tyre scrub, increasing mid corner rotation and increased on power steering.

  • Then this popular accessory is must have for your AE buggy to unleash those last tenths of lap-time.
  • Capable inboard Toe In range 0-4 degrees (Standard D Hanger 1-5)

No change to anti squat adjustment.

Color: Clear anodized aluminum

Willspeed AE B6.3 TakeOne D Arm Mount - Clear

  • Brand: Willspeed
  • Product Code: WSA-06-A
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  • $23.00