Willspeed RFT Conversion for XRAY XT2 2019 Specification (And previous XRAY XT2 models)

What's Included -

  • 1x Billet Aluminium Chassis - Standard Length
  • 1x 5 Gear Billet Transmission Case
  • 1x Billet Aluminium Motor Mount
  • 1x Bi-Material Shock Tower (Billet Aluminium Base - Carbon Fibre Uprights
  • 3x Machined Idler Gear with premium ball bearings
  • 1x O Ring Battery Mount Set
  • 1x Chrome Willspeed RF2 Decal Sheet
  • 1x Hardware Pack

What's required to complete - 

  • 1x XRAY XT2 2019 (or previous) donor vehicle. (RFT Conversion for 2020 version onwards also available - see additional product listings)

What's the aim/benefit of the Willspeed RFT conversion?

The Willspeed RFT conversion platform was designed and manufactured by engineers and racers alike for the true ultimate in performance on medium to high traction surfaces. 

The RFT design focus's on moving the weight bias forwards by utilising a 5 gear transmission - this allows the motor position to be moved further forwards creating a smaller located area of main mass which aids to control weight transfer. 

The billet aluminium tub chassis is the ultimate in chassis design, the centre of gravity is super low, the chassis has no additional guards or stiffeners removing unwanted tweak and is self integrally stiff. The aluminium selected for its natural dampening properties this not only allows for an incredibly agile platform its also super predictable.  

The end result, a platform that not only loves corner speed but it is also dependable and predictable lap after lap making going fast, easy. 

What about all that Aluminium, must be so heavy right?

Not at all, we build race cars and race cars must be kept light! All our products are carefully processed through the CAD and CAM stages, ensuring they are designed in a manor to maintain low weight but retain high strength. 


Design - Machine - Race

Willspeed XRay XT2.19 RFT Truck Conversion Kit

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