PC004 Fenix R14 - 235mm pancar body 0.75mm

As usual, we’ve make a good use of the drivers suggestion, and we’ve developed the R14.  A  new path for Pro10 bodies, with the use of the center of the body to create most of the downforce.  The new way of design allow a minimal longitudinal flex of the body, improving the rigidity of the rear end.  A “Gurney Flap” is provided in the mold to further tune the rear end  grip.

The body is made of strong yet lightweight 0.75mm Lexan polycarbonate and it will fit most 235mm pan cars

Body is supplied un painted

Fenix R14 235mm Pancar Body 0,75 Mm

  • Brand: Fenix Racing
  • Product Code: PC004-75
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  • $29.50