Replacement CNC milled AM1204 Chassis Plate to AwesomatixUSA specifications

Sold individually as

  • big crashes can happen and this part (as well as the stock A12-AM1204 part) can bend
  • easy way to make your manually modified chassis set look more stock / factory
  • its a great way to 'pretty up' your manually modified chassis set

More info on the AwesomatixUSA Suspension Plates : http://www.awesomatixusa.com/2021/10/optional-a12-suspension-plates-by.html

Part Number: AUSA-A12-AM1204-US-SPEC

First shipment expected the week of November 11th 2021.


  • Brand: Awesomatix USA
  • Product Code: AUSA-A12-AM1204-US-SPEC
  • Availability: Out Of Stock
  • $69.50