Released in November 2018 - The 1/10th scale pan car platform from Fenix Racing is named about the infamous Garage 56 at the 24 hours of Le Mans -- for vehicles that are in a calls of their own.  The G65 platform can support multiple configurations and setups.  This product configuration is for all out performance and versatility in WGT-R and other 200mm classes

  • 264mm Short Wheelbase Chassis
  • Fenix V-LINK rear suspension
  • Fenix 200mm Gear Diff

Front Suspension-

The front end features a traditional pan car design allowing for camber adjustment by turnbuckles, caster adjustment with clips or shims and 3 configurations of dynamic caster.

Rear Suspension-

The V-LINK controls the roll with two links and side links instead of the center pivot ball. A total of 10 different roll centers can be selected, and roll centers can be set under the main chassis. This was not possible with the conventional center pivot ball type chassis.  

As shown in the figure, the roll center height can be changed by changing the angle of the V-LINK. When it is set to the lowest position (A1 in the figure), it can be set 5 mm lower than the general center pivot. Of course, it can be set to the same height as the center pivot. Lowering the roll center generally increases the mechanical grip, and the V-LINK is smoother because the roll movement is not restricted to the center pivot, and the 4 wheel steering (4WS) effect that can be adjusted by the length and height of the side link is more effective than ever.


The short wheelbase chassis supports two layouts of batteries

  1. shorty pack inline / logitudinal
  2. shorty pack cross

The G56 platform can be converted in-between many configurations

  • 235mm and 200mm track widths
  • Center Pivot or V-LINK rear suspension
  • long wheel base or short wheel base
  • gear diff, ball diff or spool axle

This Kit includes-

  • 264mm Short Wheelbase Chassis
  • Fenix V-LINK rear suspension
  • Fenix 200mm Gear Diff with titanium rear axle
  • Trailing axle front suspension
  • Kimbrough servo saver
  • 2.5mm carbon fiber lower arms and upper beam to create a rigid suspension

Please note:

  • Lower main chassis and pod plate are carbon fiber
  • The photograph is a pre-assembled complete example
  • This product does not include body, RC mechanism, battery, motor, tires and wheels

Fenix G56 200 V-LINK Short Wheelbase Gear Diff 1/10th 200mm Racing Kit

  • Brand: Fenix Racing
  • Product Code: G56-200-VL-GD-SWB
  • Availability: Backorder
  • $362.50
  • $289.00

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