Goal: Don't be a failure!

Side Piece Racing started in late 2010 when I decided to make products to help make my new touring car, the T.O.P. Photon, more durable and yet allow me to run ECS-like drive shafts. Until this time I had been running either an expensive XRay 38T driveline front and rear within my Photon, or taking the risk of failing by having Spec-R C.V. Universal Swing Shaft axles fail randomly while racing.

Made in America

After spending a few weeks learning how to use 3D design software again the first product, Mira Outdrives, were designed, reviewed non-stop by myself and Larry, and finally ordered. Thankfully the design was right, and the products arrived from our New Jersey machine shop just before the 2011 Snowbirds.

What's in a name?

The name 'Side Piece' came about as I was running the T.O.P. Photon while trying to keep that on the 'down low'. Thus instead of talking about the car name or manufacture, I would simply say I was running my 'Side Piece'.

Team News

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Side Piece Racing Products are available either Online via Shop.AwesomatixUSA.com or from a local Hobby Store:


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