• AwesomatixUSA A12 Carbon Side Brace

AUSA-A12-Carbon-Side-Brace AwesomatixUSA A12 Carbon Side Brace replaces the A12-AM1205 and mounts to the existing holes on the outside chassis frame at both the front and back.  

First raced at 2022 Snowbirds, and was on 3 of the top 5 cars in the Stock 1/12th A-main.  The braces stiffen the chassis, remove rear traction all while increasing forward bite.  Offers a similar effect to running a stiffer center spring on a traditional link pan car.

Team racer quote - "Those side braces are one of the best parts I’ve put on the A12 for stock racing"


  • 2x 1mm Carbon Side Braces


  • 4x M3 lock nuts
  • 4x M3x8mm flat head screws

AwesomatixUSA A12 Carbon Side Brace

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