Latest 235mm gear diff for the G56.2 series of race cars. Features an updated thrust bearing design

We took advantage of the releasing of the new G56.2, to rework our Pro10 sphere diff.

As we’ve done with the Pro 10 Gear Diff, in the Mk3 version, we’ve a complete new right hub, with the main bearings distance almost doubled, to ensure better trueness.

Of course we kept the thrust bearing to the diff, as well the gr.5 Titanium axle (carbon fiber one will be released later, as option), 5 belleville springs to ensure a proper force over the spheres.

Of course we kept our “caviar” spheres, as standard… no need to look for anything better…

Fenix Mk3 Gear Diff - 235 Pan Car Version Spur 48P 77T

  • Brand: Fenix Racing
  • Product Code: DGD-235-48-MK3
  • Availability: 2
  • $100.00