• Fenix Gear Diff Mk2 - 92T 64p

DGD-MK2-92 Fenix Gear Diff Mk2 92T 64P

It was one of our goals, having a modern gear diff for the F1 class, almost from the first day we get involved in F1 design.

We spend quite a lot testing different drawings and specs, until we reach what we consider a very good result. 

We believe this new design differential will lead the pack for years to come in racing performance. It’s an extremely compact and lightweight design, featuring gear drive that eliminates any differential slip off. It operates with no limiting and thus provides maximum running time, traction and performance.

We test it on both, carpet and tarmac enjoying a new level of traction out the turns and new braking capabilities.

Featuring 4 metal spider gears, 3 high class ball bearing, this gear diff is offered with an 92 teeth 64dp cnc made spur gear, in order to ensure the most precise diff as possible.

“Hardness” is achieved with a combination of springs and grease.

Will be available with both, metric or imperial shafts, so it will fit almost all the actual F1 in the market.Fenix Gear Diff Version 2 - (6.35mm - 1/4" shaft)

- New single diameter axle

- New large spur

- 3 x 1/4" x 3/8” bearings

Build video - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KbuGbiNfz-A&t=9s

Fenix Gear Diff Mk2 - 92T 64p

  • Brand: Fenix Racing
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