• VIP RC VPS 240mm Pro10 Body

Latest body for 2020 - VPS

The Body is made from high class 1mm clear Polycarbonate and have a wide of 240mm in the rear and 235mm in Front. In the middle and backside there are some moldings for more stiffness. With some bobbles on the Front wheels the body increase lot of steering and overall rotation.
The cockpit and overall body have a very low CG but enough space for wheels and dampers.
The Body was tested during the Short Season and showed some good performance. With winning the Stock class at the German Championship as well as the Vice German Champion in the Modified class the body can use at any speeds.

-made from 1mm Polycarbonate
-wide in the rear 240mm
-wide in the front: 235mm
-Moldings around the body for stiffness
-low Center of Gravity
-good steering with lot of rotation

VIP RC VPS 240mm Pro10 Body

  • $33.00