Brand new 1/10th F1 chassis from Fenix Racing - the successor of Mistral 2.0: Mistral 3.3

Mistral 3.3 keep the V-link suspension at the rear, as we found to be extremely tuneable to every grip condition.  But still, we’ve done quite an improvement at the front end.  Of course we kept the major features of Mistral 2.0, such as:

  • Camber adjustable by turnbuckles
  • Static caster is adjustable via dedicated shims
  • Adjustable dynamic caster value
New Mistral 3.3 features include
  • Wheelbase is now adjustable in step of 5mm for a range of 10mm.  
  • Best part is that change the wheelbase require just a couple of minutes and no setup, via the use of a 2.5mm carbon frame subframe that carries all the front-end components.  
  • This feature, allow the servo to be fixed in the lowest possible position, allowing a super low Center of Gravity.
  • Main chassis is made of 3mm carbon fibre, this allow us to pocket the battery area, keeping the lipo extremely low, again in the quest of the lowest CoG possible.
  • Great feature is that changing the wheelbase, will not require different body holes.
  • Short wheelbase chassis allows for 3 different wheelbase changes - total wheelbase of 265-260-255mm

Gear diff comes with 64 pitch 90 tooth spur gear

Fenix Mistral 3.3 1/10th F1 Racing Kit Short Wheelbase Carbon Chassis Gear Diff

  • Brand: Fenix Racing
  • Product Code: MIS005-GD
  • Availability: Backorder
  • $404.50

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