• OfficinaRC ST112 Titanium Centering Screw (4)

OfficinaRC ST112 Titanium Centering Screw (4)

The OFC-ST112 Centering Screw is made of certified quality Titanium from solid in Italy and replaces the normal iron screws in the kit.

These special screws have a circular surface at the base of the screw cone that, thanks to the arrangement of the parts in which it is screwed, allows for centering of the piece.

In addition to making the model much more beautiful and precious, the Titanium specifications help to lighten the new A800R, where some technical choices have in fact made it heavier than the previous version.

Available in packs of 4 and in a Full Titanium Bottom screw kit, the new screws are already available.

Why settle for less when you can have the best...

OfficinaRC ST112 Titanium Centering Screw (4)

  • Brand: OfficinaRC
  • Product Code: OFC-ST112
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  • $17.00

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