• A12-SCS

SCS Spherical Contact Shims set

The Spherical Contact Shims set can be installed in the rear ball joint (ST1209M) instead of the OR125 O-ring.  The SS3x4 screw in the Battery plate is not needed at thus and should be removed.  This Contact Shims prevent vertical movement in other directions but allows swing and rotation.

Benefits of SCS set: 

  • smooth and consistent operation without the need of further re-adjustments like it's normal with the SS3X4 screw use.
  • no any scratching of AM1204 chassis surface.


Even tiny tolerances of the SCS set itself and also the surrounded parts can lead to A) binding or B) too much free play.

A) Sand the lower surface of ST1225 very gently to remove ~0,03mm !

B) Use thin tape (0,0Xmm) or 0,05mm shim (6x8mm) under ST1225.

TIP: Attach a small piece of tape first on AM1204 and cut the round hole via RC knife using the existing 6mm hole in AM1204 as a guide.

Then place the cutted piece of tape on AM1203.


  • 1x ST1225 - Spherical Pad
  • 1x ST1224 - Spherical Washer


  • Brand: Awesomatix
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