• A800-BDL

BDL - Body Downtravel Limiter Set

The Body Downtravel Limiter set gives the possibility to setup an bodyshell downtravel stop via the included SC2x15 screws.

It reduces bodyshell scrubbing on the ground and tire contact on the inside of the shell.

The advantages are better high speed steering and increased stability.

The length of the SC2X15 screws in this set is optimal for the most popular current TC bodyshell's at the body downtravel settings from the Awesomatix top team drivers. As there is nowdays a big variety of bodyshell's designs, there can be the need to short the SC2X15 screw by cutting, or the need to use longer M2 screws for example as for FWD Bodyshells.

A800-BDL contains:

  • 2x P01X 
  • 2x P02 
  • 2x SC2x15


  • Brand: Awesomatix
  • Product Code: A800-BDL
  • Availability: 2
  • $16.50