BS-AT-214 are the Universal L.W. tucks

#bsworks over the last couple of months have been testing different types of new lighter weight anti-tucks. Bill believes he has found the right combo!

Bill has come up with two versions. First version is for the Red Hawk body(corners have been squared off at the back). Second one is for most all other popular bodies that we use, Twisters, Wolverine, Len's Ghibli and USGT bodies like the Zoodiac. 

In the package there will be the wing mount, two 100mm long 1.5mm thick carbon rods where as other brands only use 1.0mm rods(you will need to cut to fit your needs) and two different lower side mounting pieces. One will have a hole for mounting with a screw and the other will be solid for using tape or shoe goo. We have been cutting the rod down to 73.5 to 74mm for most of the bodies that we us. The wing strut piece has a depth of 8mm and the side piece has a depth of 6mm. 

Optionally, our new Light Weight Anti Tuck well with the MXLR Precision wing mount set (MAX-05-002). Position #3 on the MXLR mount lines up with position #1 on the BS Works strut mount. This seems to be the most neutral position for most bodies.

BS Works 1/10 Anti Tucks Light Weight- Universal

  • Brand: BS Works
  • Product Code: BS-AT-214
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  • $14.00

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