BS-BS-218 A800R Bulkhead Alignment System

BS Works felt the need to make this system for the Awesomatix A800R because the new bulkheads are not pinned to the chassis as the older MMX line of cars were. We have also found that over time, there becomes wear on the centering screws and they can get a slight amount of play to them. All you do is take the rear diff and front spool out, loosen the bulkhead screws, slide the alignment tool into where the diff and spool would go and then tighten the bulkhead screws back up. That's it, all done!

Does not include the Awesomatix A800R

Price raised on 4/19/2024 due to cost increased in carbon rods

Awesomatix A800R Bulkhead Alignment System

  • Brand: BS Works
  • Product Code: BS-BA-218
  • Availability: 9
  • $30.00