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Fenix 12mm Alu Post
Fenix Ball Joint 4.8mm Ball End
Fenix G12 Carbon Fibre Main Chassis
Fenix G12 Front Bumper
Fenix G12 Front Shims
Fenix G12 Front Shock Holder
Fenix G12 Motor Holder - Left Side
Fenix G12 Motor Holder - Motor Side
Fenix G12 Motor Holder Nerf
Fenix G12 Motor Pod V-LINK
Fenix G12 Servo Holder
Fenix G12 Shock Holder
Fenix G12 Side Wing V-LINK Version
Fenix G12 Sphere Diff Left Hub
Fenix G12 Titanium Front End Screws

Fenix G12 Titanium Front End Screws

Grade 5 - cnc machined  G12 front screwsFit also popular front end like the CRC, old Associated..


Fenix G56 / G12 Side Damper Set
Fenix G56/ G12 / Mistral 2-0 Roll Spring- Medium/Soft White
Fenix Micro Shock

Fenix Micro Shock



CRC Pro-strut Front End 1/12th
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